Full-service Logistics

Transport Martens is not just another transport company: our aim is to make the entire transport process as agreeable as possible. That is why every day a motivated team of specialists is at your beck and call.

We like to think along with you and become a natural extension of your logistics policy. Are you looking to organise transport, storage or transhipment? We’ll take care of it for you.

Your cargo becomes our responsibility as soon as the truck hits the road. We make sure your cargo is delivered in the agreed manner so you have nothing to worry about.

Transport Martens takes care of all your transport needs. We deliver full-service logistics both in Belgium and abroad. We guarantee a personal service and to top it off all our trucks are environment-friendly.


For three generations, Transport Martens handed down from father to son. In the early days we pulled boats by horse and cart. Situated next to the canal, Turnhout was the ideal location to establish this company.

Now, all those years later, Turnhout is still our base of operations. Our core activities have changed slightly over the years and we now use mechanical horsepower to haul cargo.

The family business vibe is still very much a part of our business and that is also the commitment we wish to project to our customers. That is why we offer a highly personalised service and why we go out of our way to keep you satisfied. Our team of specialists is always at your beck and call. We also stay in contact with you during transport so you can keep close track of the status of your goods.